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Find Every File. MAC Find physical papers & photos Save your 25 most vital papers, from Hurricanes at An Evacuation...
Size: 1000 KB
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Recipe To Go Manage, store, print, e-mail recipes, create and e-mail grocery list instantly.
Size: 4.6 MB
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recipe book mail list creator Mail List Receiver  
Candy Recipe Candy recipe ebook for homemade candy. You also find delicious chocolate recipes and others like fudge, toffee, candy peanut and caramel recipes.
Size: 426.80 KB
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framy caramel cow caramel homemade recipe Chocolate recipe  
My Recipe Books My Recipe Books is a program that allows you to store, print, and share recipes.
Size: 2.28MB
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Create store recipe book recipe organize store  
Recipe BuilderLT Recipe Builder is a full database to hold your recipes. Recipe BuilderLT is a free restricted version of Recipe Builder with 10,000 recipes (also free) which can be added with a click of your mouse.
Size: 30000K
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recipe database Database Maintenance free database  
ChinaFood Recipe 293 Simple and Delicious China Food Recipes
Size: 1.5 MB
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recipe cook Recipe organizer beer recipe 000-293 dish  

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160,000+ Recipes and Recipe of the Day This Vista Gadget that will show the recipe of the day from the BigOven website
Size: 39 KB
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vista gadget recipe cook Recipe WebSite search box  
Search Recipes This Vista gadget will allow you to easily search for cooking recipes from the Vista Sidebar or the desktop
Size: 4 KB
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search vista gadget vista recipe cook enhance vista  
Metro Bistro Recipe Organizer to keep your recipes organized, it also supports search & print. No more lost pages, no more flipping through multiple books to find a recipe that you KNOW you've seen before.
Size: 0.79 KB
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Recipe organizer recipe search recipe find find recipe  
Recipe Minder Cookbook Software Recipe Minder is an easy to use digital cookbook. Recipe Minder is loaded with features including a shopping list, ability to email recipes directly from Recipe Minder, plus much more features. Recipe
Size: 635 KB
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recipe book recipe database recipe recipe price  
Recipe Tracker Demo The purpose of this program is to keep track of favorite recipes in books, magazines, binders, files etc. Recipe searches can be performed based on recipe title keywords, recipe types and ingredients.
Size: 2,670K
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recipe book recipe database recipe recipe price  
Wine Making Recipe tlc Wine Making Recipe free screensaver download. Secret recipes & techniques. Find great Wine Recipe making sites, tools & resources.
Size: 3.50 MB
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wine seller wine guide wine information wine deal making  

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Recipe Finder Recipe Finder is a gadget that will allow you to perform recipe searches directly from the desktop Find for your favorite recipe - over 100,000 free indexed recipies - and counting! Always handy in th...
Size: 14 KB
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search find vista gadget recipe food search search food  
Groones Recipe Holder Groones recipe Holder is a full-featured recipe organizer that allows recipe enthusiast and chefs to organize, catalog, and manage their recipe collections on their PCs. For the database novice, Groon...
Size: 8.2 MB
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organizer database cooking recipe book recipe recipe price  
Recipe Book for Minecraft This item when used opens up a GUI of every recipe that can be done. The items can not be touched, but you can read tool tip. Left click moves to next recipe. Right click moves to previous recipe. The...
Size: 979.91K
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pd-RecipeBook pd-recipeBook is a great application created to help you store your recipes. Each category has it's own database able to hold thousands of recipes. It comes with a search feature that will find any wo...
Size: 4.72MB
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book recipe book recipe database recipe cook Cook Recipe  
Recipe Cookbook You can choose your own favourites on every recipe with a checkbox simply check a favourite box for current recipe and you can find it again with go to Recipe on menu and choose it.
Size: 4.3 MB
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store recipe Cookbook Cookbook database store recipe  
Recipe Binder for Windows 8 With recipe Binder for Windows 8 you can add a recipe you find on the web to your recipe collection. Since it requires a little bit of manual effort by you instead of importing recipes directly it is ...
Size: -
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